Milliner and Joseph Michie Boo Lashes — “Wink in Style” Collection


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Michie Boo Lashes

These lashes are not only for “peek-a-boo”!

Where this Michie Boo Lashes as your eyes are worth the attention, hun!

Go on, wear these 100% handmade and vegan lightweight lashes!

They can last up to 45-60 wears when used carefully and cared for correctly.

**Lash glue is not included.



How to apply your Milliner and Joseph Wink in Style Lashes 

Step 1: Before applying lashes clean eyes make sure to remove glue residue from the lids with eye make-up remover.

Step 2: Gently wiggle (flex) the band of the lashes a little to make them more supple and easier to apply.

Step 3: Trim the lash to fit your eyes. Lashes are always extra-long so they can fit anyone, but most people need to trim them. We recommend trimming away the outer edge – where the lashes are typically longer – for a more natural look.

Step 4: Holding the lashes with a pair of tweezers, apply a thin layer of glue along the band of the lashes. You can apply directly from the tube or add a little glue to the back of your hand, and then lightly drag the band through the glue, to give it an even coating. Let the glue dry for around 10 to 30 seconds (depending on the lash glue), and when the glue is tacky it’s time to go for it.

Step 5: Place a mirror on a desk or dresser so that you’re looking down into the mirror – this makes it easier than looking at a mirror straight on. Holding the lashes with a pair of tweezers (this gives you more control), gently place the lashes as close to your lash line as possible. Use your tweezers to push the outer and inner corners down. When fitted, use your tweezers to gently squeeze the strip lash to your natural lashes to gently press them into place, then use your fingers to pinch your natural and false lashes together to ensure they sit together.

Step 6: If during the process of applying the lashes you get a little glue on your lid, continue applying and wait until the lashes are secure, then take a queue tip and gently remove any glue splodges.

Step 7: If you want to, you can apply a little mascara afterward to help blend your lashes and false lashes together.

Step 8: Place the lashes back in your lash box, securing the lash band firmly to keep the lash curled.

Storing the lashes back in the original package is the best way to keep your falsies clean and safe. If you attach them firmly to the band and press them down this will help them to stay curled.


100% hand-crafted
100% vegan friendly
100% cruelty free


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