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The Various Advantages of Eyelash Extensions


You must love the glam subtlety of our Classic Lash Sets! This is your best choice when you’re a first-timer on lash extensions especially if you have sparse lashes, damaged or short lashes. Choose from the Half Set and the Full Set. This is your glam lash set on a budget, plus it’s very gentle on your lashes! What’s great about it also is that it can last 8-12 weeks when cared for properly. To keep it in tip-top shape, infills should be every 3 weeks.

Classic Half Set (Natural)

The Classic Half Set offers a “barely-there” eye look with its less (50-60) individual lashes. It makes your natural lashes look fuller, perfect for a low-maintenance lady like you!

Classic Full Set (Glamorous)

A more noticeable spin on your eyelashes is the Classic Full Set! It’s more (70-80) glam than the half set with more individual lashes applied. You may now walk and wink in style sans the mascara!

Classic Mega Volume Set

This classic lash set is a combination of Classic and Russian volume extensions but it is a little toned down compared to the Hybrid Mega Volume. This Classic Mega Volume hits both natural and glam-looking eyelashes to enhance your gorgeous peepers!


Save your precious minutes in finishing up your glam look! Hybrid Lash Extensions would totally provide you enough lash coverage that would keep your confidence boosted. Choose from our three sets; Mega Volume, Half Set (Natural) and Full Set (Glamorous). Infills are done every 3 weeks. Enjoy the Hybrid lashes for 8-12 weeks when cared for properly.

Hybrid Half Set (Natural)

If you’re low maintenance but a little adventurous, then you can go with Hybrid Half Set Lash Extensions! This is a natural look but takes up a notch with its hybrid lash extensions; Classic and Russian Volume.

Hybrid Full Set (Glamorous)

Fear not with the Hybrid Full Set! A more Glamorous look if you want your eyes to be a little bit more noticeable! A fuller look like this would make your eyes very glam!

Hybrid Mega Volume

A combination of Classic and Russian Volume eyelash extensions that would surely give you that “mega” eye look! It offers a thicker and denser look for a fuller-looking lash line.

Russian Volume

A Milliner & Joseph signature eyelash extension set! We are known for our vegan and handmade lashes and we’d love for you to try the Russian Volume Lash Set as it’s our most requested set from our loyal customers! Why? It’s the lightest weight and long-lasting lashes! You’ll have the Russian Volume lashes for 8-12 weeks when cared for properly. To keep the lashes full, infills are needed every 3 weeks.

Russian Half Set (Natural)

This is also the best pick for first-time wearers of eyelash extensions. About 2-3 lashes per fan are carefully applied along your lash line for a fuller but subtle glam look.

Russian Full Set (Glamorous)

Not afraid to go extra? The full set of Russian Volume lashes is your best bet! It is about 6-10 lashes per fan. The full set will maximize your lashes to the guest giving you a lovely Fabulashous set of lashes with maximum volume! You know this is perfect for you when you know your eyelash extensions too well already!

Russian Mega Volume

Expect the most fluttery and mega volume lashes with this one. If you’re already comfortable wearing eyelash extensions, then this won’t be a problem! Just bat your beautiful Fabulashous eyelashes anytime, any place to anyone, or just for self-indulgence!

Lash Removal & Bath

Lash removal and bath is essential to keeping your lashes luscious. Our lash technicians would execute the professional and careful way to lash removal and thoroughly clean your lash line and natural lashes from all residues and grime. This indulgent treatment should be done every 12 weeks in order to keep your natural lashes clean and healthy!


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