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Brow Treatments

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Brows Tint & Lamination

We fill out the sparse areas of your brows with a tint and the new procedure to polish brushed up brows? Brow lamination! It promises more prominent eyebrows for a fuller look! This is also known as brow sculpt or a brow lift!

Brow Wax

We’ll put away the unwanted stray hairs around your brows by using a gentle wax. Don’t worry as this is safe and fast!

Brow Threading

A popular method of cleaning up the brows is brow threading! It is a bearable pain and it is surely worth it!

Brow Tint

Get beautiful fuller eyebrows with eyebrow tinting. It’s a semi-permanent dye to enhance, define and shape your brows. The best way to look great is by starting off with a framed eyebrow!

Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading would serve you with realistic-looking eyebrows that don’t wash off! Although it’s still semi-permanent makeup, it will surely last long. You don’t need to do your eyebrows over and over!
Eyebrow Micro-blading requires 2 separate appointments to achieve the best results. The second touch-up (correction and infill) is 6 weeks after the first appointment. Each procedure would take 1.5-2hours only. This technique of eyebrow definition can last up to 18-24 months The longevity may vary depending on how it is cared for as well.

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