Milliner and Joseph


Meet The Team

My Name Is Ms Milliner-Joseph. I am the co-founder and creator of Seductive Boutique and the Milliner & Joseph. Seductive Boutique is my first love, and will forever be loved.

Seductive Boutique was my humblest start on this journey. Seductive Boutique released my hidden talents and made me the free and creative visual designer that I am today. (Angel would attest to that) Launching A London Ladies Boutique with my brother further enhanced my skills and now has brought me to my latest collection…

This new collection for me was like giving birth to the best version of Tashia… Everything I had become over the years, every idea I’ve thought of, and every perspective I’ve looked into is the core of this collection. I know that my collection would firmly put a stamp on where I foresee this brand and myself creative wise in the bright future.

I realized whilst creating Milliner & Joseph that I had a passion for design, a passion for seasons, collections and so much more…


Only Milliner & Joseph would be able to take my ideas to a completely new level…

And this my wonderful people and friends was how Milliner & Joseph was born in 2018.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally but publicly thank 3 awesome people.

Angel – for giving me advice, for the endless talks no matter the time be it personal or business matters, for the endless opportunities and especially the one which made me come to Birmingham. I’ll never forget 27/8/18 me, you, and Ginger sitting in the MG, this was also the day my second Virgo baby was born. The way you stood by me, supported me, and believed in me when I had basically thrown the towel in I could never and would never forget. You kept my dream alive and made me understand that I could excel in this industry.

Ginger – for holding my hand that weekend in Birmingham, for standing by me and even disagreeing with me at times plus much much more…

My sister Michelle – without you and your advice and guidance, I wouldn’t have started Seductive Boutique. Thanks for EVERYTHING

Thank you all so so much!

And a huge big welcome to all of you who are new… We welcome you!


Milliner and Joseph